Handcrafted African Sandalwood Bottle Vessel
Handcrafted African Sandalwood Bottle Vessel
Handcrafted African Sandalwood Bottle Vessel
Handcrafted African Sandalwood Bottle Vessel
Handcrafted African Sandalwood Bottle Vessel

Handcrafted African Sandalwood Bottle Vessel

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These handcrafted wood bottles are created by talented Mozambican wood carvers. When they look at a gnarled piece of wood, they don't cut away the rough to get a workable piece of wood instead, they let the contours of the wood dictate the piece of art. Since each bottle is created from a different piece of wood, no two will have the same shape. However, the rich grain, high gloss polish and sweet scent of African sandalwood will pervade all.

Mozambique's woodlands are still abundant with beautiful hardwoods, owing in part to the Mozambican Civil War, which kept the nation and its development in upheaval for nearly 20 years. Today, artisans are taking advantage of peace and post-war developments in forest management, bringing attention to modern Mozambican artistry by exporting art carved from sustainable hardwoods.

  • small - approximately 6" tall 
  • medium - approximately 8" tall 
  • large - approximately 10" tall
  • PLEASE NOTE: each will vary in size, shape, color, and design as they are one-of-a-kind


          Meet the Artisans

          This item is fairly made in Africa. Each artisan is able to work from the comfort of their own home and community. The fair payment they receive will not be reduced by traveling expenses, childcare costs or haggled prices. The artisans use their earnings to put food on the table and pay educational expenses for their children.

          Our products will have slight variations in design and size, this is a natural occurrence in handmade goods and one of the many reasons we love them so.

          No two designs will be exactly alike, giving you a lasting one-of-a-kind product to treasure for years to come.

          If you are looking for specific dimensions on a product, please contact us so we can assist in finding the right fit.

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          Why We're Different

          Since 2009, Connected Goods has been working with artisans around the globe who have mastered their craft through tradition and culture. This work brings their craft and age-old techniques into the modern marketplace while establishing fair wages and ethical working conditions into rural communities where employment opportunity is minimal. When shopping with us, you join together in helping individuals in some of the world's least developed countries provide for their families with healthy working conditions.

          Each purchase made on our site has helped our artisans achieve independence and empowerment, and for this, we thank you!

          Love Notes From Our Community


          This is STUNNING! Y'all have done it again! I am so impressed with your products and the artisans you partner with. These products are natural, beautiful, and unique. They hit on trends but also beautifully depict those that hand-make them. No questions, I just wanted you to know I am grateful to have found your shop! :)

          Kori H.

          I just received my second order, and I cannot express how happy I am with it. I ordered the long and the short brass wall sconces, candles, and the breathtaking votive candle chandelier. Everything came packaged very nicely and arrived in perfect condition.

          Jen L.

          Super inspired! Love what you do and offer and I hope to order as much as possible for my clients from you. 

          Maha H.

          My infant daughter recently spent some time in the ICU and her kantha baby blanket was one of the only things of hers from home that we had with us. It was a source of comfort and kept her warm and swaddled her over the cords for her entire stay. We love Connected Goods and these blankets specifically.

          Jennifer A.