About us

Our Story

Since 2009, Connected Goods has been working with artisans around the globe who have mastered their craft through tradition and culture. We provide innovative, well-designed products and a unique human experience. While shopping at Connected Goods you will not only support the artisan that made the product but will also connect into a small piece of their life story. We focus on each artisan's life experience as it relates to their creation.

Because of our high regard for those who are creating our items, we do not carry anything that is mass-produced in a large factory where workers may be treated poorly. We have combined our historic Fair Trade items with locally sourced, American Made items to provide a healthy and flavorful blend of culturally rich craftsmanship, which represents the best of the artisan whose work is a labor of empowerment, not of servitude.

Connected Goods is a different type of consumer experience. It is our goal to create a connected and meaningful experience between our customers and artisans.

Our Artisans

All of our products are handmade by the loving hands of global artisans. Each piece is made with age-old techniques passed down from generation to generation. We source from artisans in developing parts of the globe that adhere to strict Fair Trade standards including fair wages, community development, and environmental sustainability, as well as local, emerging independent artists right here at home that are adhering to the same Fair Trade values.

Each purchase made on our site has helped our artisans achieve independence and empowerment, and for this, we thank you!


We are a small family-run business based in Bozeman, Montana. Nicole, a fourth-generation Montanan is the curator, owner and co-founder. She is accompanied by her husband, two young children, and two pups. After the loss of her mother to cancer, she is reminded to keep the notion of presence in the forefront, and that time is precious and only worth spending doing something you are passionate about. This little business has slowly blossomed after years of long hours, hard work and pushing through the ups and downs.  Watching both her parents put time and devotion into their own craftsmanship in repairing and rejuvenating antique furniture always inspired her to look closer at the details.  

We are in awe of our artisans and their talents and skills passed down through the generations. We embrace the perfectly imperfect nature of handmade craftsmanship. Every "flaw" reminds us of the hands, heart, and imagination that goes into each and every individual unique piece. We follow the mantra of only possessing items we truly love and find beautiful and useful. We hope our customers adopt this same principle and appreciate all of the beauty in the details of our products.


Each product is made by hand using locally sourced materials. Our artisans use an assortment of natural materials native to the area where the product is being made. You will see a lot of local grasses, wood and textiles in the final result.


We support safe working conditions in our artisan communities. Schools are built, wells are constructed, essential medical care is provided, and income is generated by craft sales.


Across our product assortment you will find recycled and repurposed materials used by the artisans in their craft. We strive for modest packaging and a minimal footprint in our business practices.