African Orb Wood Ring Box

$ 16.00

Hand-carved from the heartwood of the mpingo tree, a beautiful species that grows throughout the miombo woodlands. Revered as a tone wood used in the world's finest woodwind instruments, mpingo's lustrous finish and deep color imbue it with a quality of exotic preciousness.

This box serves beautifully as a unique ring gift box that can be treasured for years for storing precious items.

  • size: 3 t × 1.75 d"
  • handmade by Fair Trade Artisans in Mozambique


          Meet the Artisans

          HSSS is a non-profit organization that works for the uplifting and development of underprivileged artisans. The hardships that these people go through include physical handicaps, illiteracy, extreme poverty, entrapment in lower castes, lack of knowledge about trade and markets, among others.

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