Handwritten Note on Handmade Paper

$ 3.00

Send a special message on the most beautiful, raw edge handmade paper with amazing surface texture and body. Choose from Pale Pink or Hunter Green.

The process behind this handmade paper begins with the long Kozo fibers harvested from the Paper Mulberry tree. Entirely by hand, the fibers undergo a transformation of reverence.  They are cooked, cleaned, and laid in the snow to bleach naturally in the winter sun, or pigmented to create rich hues of color. The fibers are beaten by hand and suspended in a vat filled with water, then put into motion with a swirl of the hand. Often, specks of silver or gold leaf, or wisps of small feathers are churned into the mix, as the vat morphs into a new kinetic composition. A dip of the mould and deckle below the surface swiftly collects a sheet of pulp as the water shimmies back into the vat. The sheet is then pressed and transferred to glass to dry.  Illuminated by the sunlight, the unique formations of the long Kozo fibers are brought to life, suspended in motion.  

Handmade in Maine.

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