Handcrafted Natural African Sandalwood Tray

$ 45.00

This handcrafted wood tray is created by talented Mozambican wood carvers. When they look at a gnarled piece of wood, they don't cut away the rough to get a workable piece of wood, instead they let the contours of the wood dictate the piece of art.

This exquisite free-form African sandalwood tray exemplifies this efficient carving method. Since each tray is created from a different piece of wood, no two trays will have the same shape. However, the rich grain, high gloss polish and sweet scent of African sandalwood will pervade all.

Mozambique's woodlands are still abundant with beautiful hardwoods, owing in part to the Mozambican Civil War, which kept the nation and its development in upheaval for nearly 20 years. Today, artisans are taking advantage of peace and post-war developments in forest management, bringing attention to modern Mozambican artistry by exporting art carved from sustainable hardwoods.

Perfect as a jewelry tray, key tray by the door, catch-all for odds and ends or just as a beautiful piece of art.

  • approximate size: 9.5" x 4.5" (each will vary as they are one-of-a-kind)


          Meet the Artisans

          This item is fairly made in Africa. Each artisan is able to work from the comfort of their own home and community. The fair payment they receive will not be reduced by traveling expenses, childcare costs or haggled prices. The artisans use their earnings to put food on the table and pay educational expenses for their children.

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