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Our highly curated artisan-made gift baskets are assembled together with intention and love. Designed to connect loved ones, friends and colleagues. Every item is carefully selected and crafted by loving hands of master creators. Give a gift that supports traditional craft and empowerment.


  • Woven Basket - Handcrafted in villages of Northern Vietnam allowing income into rural communities where employment opportunity is minimal. Our artisans can work fulltime and part-time while stimulating economic growth and promoting their traditional craft. 6" diameter x 7" height

  • Shibori Napkin Set - A set assortment of 4 unique shibori designs in elegant taupe and a natural white. 18 x 18" each

  • Atmosphere Mist - A dusky moody marriage of dark, moist earth and sweet woods to ground the senses and evoke the primordial. Generously mist throughout air to instantly freshen spirit and atmosphere in living space, car, closet, drapery, bedding, rugs, and other textiles. *test first. not intended for face; may cause skin irritation*

  • African Sandalwood Tray  - This handcrafted wood tray is created by talented Mozambican wood carvers. When they look at a gnarled piece of wood, they don't cut away the rough to get a workable piece of wood, instead they let the contours of the wood dictate the piece of art. Since each tray is created from a different piece of wood, no two trays will have the same shape. Perfect as a jewelry tray, key tray by the door, catch-all for odds and ends or just as a beautiful piece of art. approximate size: 9.5" x 4.5" (each will vary as they are one-of-a-kind) 

  • Bourbon & Vanilla Frosted Glass Candle - 9 oz. frosted glass jar candle. Handmade in small batches and are non-toxic, recyclable, and derived from completely renewable resources. This scent is great for both men & women. Main notes are Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla with a hint of Musk and Amber. Perfect if you like vanilla scents with a little extra "sexy" mixed in. INGREDIENTS: Non-toxic, recyclable and derived from completely renewable resources, this candle is perfect for anyone concerned with their health and the environment. VEGAN (all vegetable wax/no beeswax)

  • Air Plant - Low-maintenance house plant that grows without soil! Every two weeks submerge the air plant in a dish of water for 12 hours. Air plants only take up as much water as they need, so she won’t overwater by doing this.

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"The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away." -Pablo Picasso

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