Stained Glass Feather - Classic

$ 60.00

Handmade, one-of-a-kind stained glass feather. Crafted locally here in Portland, Oregon. Hang in your window to illuminate a room or on a wall to brighten up your day. The feather is a powerful object with many meanings. Many believe they bring luck and good fortune!

  • size is approximately 8" long 
  • each piece is one of a kind and will have slight variations
  • sold individually


    Meet the American Made Artisans

    Handmade in Portland, Oregon. The creator discovered his love for stained glass while visiting the Marc Chagall windows in Nice, France. His stained glass pieces are typically bright and alive with color that will pleasently illuminate any room or enviornment in which they are placed. Each feather style is representative of a particular bird and a special time in his life, his early youth.

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